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newsletter n : report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group [syn: newssheet]

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news + letter


  1. A form of advertising sent periodically.


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A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. Newspapers and leaflets are types of newsletters. Additionally, newsletters delivered electronically via email (e-Newsletters) have gained rapid acceptance for the same reasons email in general is gaining popularity over printed correspondence.
Many newsletters are published by clubs, churches, societies, associations, and businesses, especially companies, to provide information of interest to their members, customers or employees. Some newsletters are created as money-making ventures and sold directly to subscribers. Sending newsletters to customers and prospects is a common marketing strategy, which can have benefits and drawbacks.
General attributes of newsletters include news and upcoming events of the related organization, as well as contact information for general inquiries.


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Pastoral Epistle, advice, aerogram, air letter, airgraph, billet-doux, broadcast journalism, bull, chain letter, dead letter, dimissorial, dimissory letter, drop letter, encyclical, fan letter, form letter, information, intelligence, journalism, letter of credit, letter of introduction, letters credential, letters of marque, letters of request, letters overt, letters patent, letters rogatory, love letter, monitory, news, news agency, news medium, news service, newsiness, newsmagazine, newspaper, newsworthiness, nixie, open letter, pastoral letter, poison-pen letter, press association, radio, reportage, round robin, telegraph agency, television, the fourth estate, the press, tidings, wire service, word
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